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João Luis is an experienced music composer, specializing in film and games. Originally from Madeira, Portugal, he now calls Northern Ireland home. With many years of experience in composing music for games, films, and advertisements, João Luís brings a rich tapestry of creativity and expertise to the world of interactive entertainment. His portfolio boasts collaborations with established industry artists, such as Sheldon Mirowitz, a three-time Emmy-nominated composer, with whom they re-composed music for a silent-era film, captivating a sold-out theatre in Boston.

In the realm of video games, João Luis scored the RPG meets rhythm-game, Nocturne: Prelude, earning a remarkable 97% positive rating on Steam. Currently, he is immersed in the full release of Nocturne, developed by Pracy Studios, where he serves as composer, music implementor in Wwise, and Sound Design Supervisor.

His versatility across music genres, combined with his commitment to crafting original soundscapes for each project, highlights his ability to engage diverse audiences. With a passion for storytelling, he always aims to create a space where the outside world fades away with the help of his compositions, allowing players and audiences to experience a moment of escape and immersion.

João enjoys communicating and sharing his experience about a world that can seem insular and about which not much is known by a wider audience.


He has been invited to provide talks and has participated as a panelist on several occasions regarding what goes on behind the scenes in film/game music and about the life of a professional music composer.


Below is a list of those places:


- Conservatório Escola das Artes da Madeira

- Escola da Apel, Madeira

- Westminster University, London

- RUA RED Arts Center, Dublin

- Dublin Conference Center, Dublin

- Games Academy NI

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