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Have you ever listened to a score which has moved you in such a way that you've thought for yourself "I wish I could do that"?

Learn from a composer who, for the last 10 years, has written music for games, films and advertisements. You will have the opportunity to work with someone who has collaborated with a 3-time Emmy nominee composer, Sheldon Mirowitz, as well as Mistheria, whose extensive list of artist collaborations includes Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden's singer).

You’ll learn how to:

  • Produce your own music

  • Create emotional melodies

  • Score for different types of media

  • Get gigs

  • Draw up budget proposals

  • Use your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

  • Manage a team and a project

  • Navigate the director/composer relationship

  • Make your music synonymous with a project,

  • And much, much more!

With these achievements in mind, we will cover various subjects. The areas covered vary and are dictated by what the student already knows and what he/she wants to achieve. However, broadly speaking, tutoring may include any of the following topics:

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  • DAW and Plug-in literacy

  • Setting up a session

  • How to use your DAW to synch music to picture

  • Sequencing

  • Demo production

  • Mixing for composers

  • Template creation





  • The process involved in making a film, ad or game

  • Project management

  • How to make yourself and your work known

  • Spotting the film/game

  • Finding the story’s message

  • How to deal with temp tracks

  • Score and source music

  • Marking hits

  • Leitmotifs

  • Theme & variations

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  • Ear Training & Harmony - Learn what notes and chords you’re hearing in your mind

  • Writing Skills - Learn how to write those ideas down

  • Arranging - Learn different arrangement techniques

  • Conducting - Learn how to conduct an ensemble that will be playing your music


  • No prior experience is necessary but students are recommended to have Logic Pro X or Digital Performer.


I provide a free 30 min. assessment meeting via Zoom. This is a chance for you to meet me and for me to assess how much you know and what your goals are and determine how I can be of help.

You can then choose between a 30min class, once or twice a week, or an hour one, once a week. Homework is provided so that students  have the opportunity to progress before the next lesson. A pdf file with a summary of what was covered in class will be delivered to you.



Sheldon Mirowitz

3-time Emmy nominee composer

"As a composer, João really got the movie and the role of music in the story telling, and that is actually rare, especially among the better composers. But most importantly, throughout the experience he made himself present to the emotional truth of the film, and he responded to it honestly. By putting himself into the music that he wrote, he elevated the score considerably."



Keyboardist, Composer, Producer

(Bruce Dickinson, Vivaldi Metal Project)

"I discovered João while working on the second album of my Vivaldi Metal Project. I listened to some of his previous works and recognised his amazing musical talent, then I got his arrangement and orchestration works and was extremely impressed by the skill with which he managed to create musical structures and beauty.By expertly combining knowledge, passion and elegance with extreme attention to details,  João delivers real sound gems."

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"João is hands down one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and I’m thankful to have had the privilege to learn Music Production from him. He employs the most unique methods in his teachings, which makes it so easy to understand the most complicated stuff. He always encourages and brings out the best in myself. I couldn’t think of anyone who puts more effort into teaching than João does."



“João makes it personal. The classes that I'm having are tailored to my needs and developement. Sharing his experience and technical knowledge inspires me to go further than what I was planning on the beginning.  Homework. Detailed report of each class. Always on time. Every week looking forward to his class."



“I had João teaching me music theory for a year. With his mindset and teaching structure I was able to cooperate really well with him and learn everything we had planned. João is a very active, work-ready and mature person, combining these three qualities to proportionate an excellent learning experience. I started making beats and with the gathered information and I'm able to have rythmic and musical notions, making chord progressions with ease.”

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