Director of "Tudo Pelo Funchal", "The Third Attempt" and "Madeira Film Experience"

"I recently worked with João. His dedication and evident passion for composition, along with his effortless director-composer dialogue, made this the first of many opportunities we will have to work together. I will always recommend someone who works with his level of professionalism and quality."


Three-time Emmy nominee composer and main composer on the re-scoring of "Sunrise"

"As a composer, João really got the movie and the role of music in the story telling, and that is actually rare, especially among the better composers. But most importantly, throughout the experience he made himself present to the emotional truth of the film, and he responded to it honestly. By putting himself into the music that he wrote, he elevated the score considerably."


Director of "Nocturne"

João Luís has composed all of the combat music for my RPG Rhythm Game called Nocturne. The music he has created is absolutely fantastic. He took the time to review the story, characters and creatures of the game to create music that really matched its' atmosphere and style.

When providing feedback, João was patient, professional and able to translate my feedback into the music.

He went above and beyond my expectations.



Author of "Raising Sleeping Stones"

João collaborated with me on an extremely challenging project- creating the first complete score for a novel, Raising Sleeping Stones, which involved creating over 100 cues and 2 hours of music -and he far exceeded my expectations in every regard. He listened and delivered whatever I asked for, but also added ideas, sounds, and themes I never would have come up with. The result is a score that is rich, complex, layered, and much better than I could have imagined. He's fast, responsible, a good collaborator, always on deadline, and imaginative. 

Belfast, Northern Ireland